Second and third chance at credit

Are you dreaming of purchasing a new car, but you’re afraid that your credit history will prevent you? Don’t give up too quickly! At Val-David Mazda, we have financing solutions for all of our clientele and we’re confident that we can find the best financing solution for you. Have you filed for bankruptcy in the past or had trouble making your payments on time? We understand your situation. At Val-David Mazda, we believe you are entitled to another chance. Come meet with one of our auto credit consultants and get a second or even third chance at credit.

You can count on our experts to find the best auto credit for you

Our financing consultants are very attentive to our clients’ needs. Your credit check will be performed by seasoned professionals in order to determine your eligibility for a second or third chance at credit. You can rest assured that, at Val-David Mazda, our professionals will be able to find you a financing solution that fits your needs. It doesn’t matter to us if your credit application has been refused at a financial institution in the Laurentians. So don’t hesitate to come and meet with us; our consultants are there to help you make your dream come true.

Repair your credit history one payment at a time

Banking institutions often systematically refuse any credit application submitted by someone who has previously filed for bankruptcy. As a result, it becomes impossible for clients like these to improve their credit history. At Val-David Mazda, we can give you the opportunity to repair your credit. Our Finance Department will do everything possible to get you auto credit, and that alone will help improve your credit rating.

Get pre-approved in less than 20 minutes

At Val-David Mazda, submitting an auto credit application is now more convenient than ever! Just visit our website and fill out our online credit application right in the comfort of your own home. Nothing could be easier! Once you’ve completed and submitted the form, you’ll be pre-approved in minutes. Over the next few days, one of our financing experts will contact you to find out when you can meet with us. Our financing specialists can offer you a credit solution that will make it possible for you to get the car of your dreams.

At Val-David Mazda, regardless of your financial situation, you may qualify to get a second chance at credit or even a third chance, if need be. Rest assured that we’ll spare no effort to satisfy you.