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Auto financing

Compare various financial institutions.

Auto financing

Compare various financial institutions.

Get a rate that can’t be beat

    Preferred callback time


    Flexible Financing Options

    99%* approval

    $0 down

    400 financing plans

    18 financial institutions

    Your financing partners

    We’ll do the search for you!

    Mazda Val-David works with major financial institutions to help you find the most advantageous rate for your next vehicle purchase. As a result, you only have to apply once to get an unbeatable rate.

    Specialized financing available

    Second- and third-chance credit approval in 99 percent of cases.

    Our goal is to find the best rate for your automobile purchase, regardless of your credit history. It’s even possible with no down payment.

    No credit or bad credit

    No matter if you’ve had a previous bankruptcy or repossession or you have no credit history, Mazda Val-David can offer you an auto loan.

    Self-employed individuals

    Some of our financing partners specialize in loans to independent contractors and other self-employed people, who often have trouble securing loans from traditional financial institutions.

    Non-residents of Canada

    Have you recently arrived in Canada and still don’t have a social security number? We work with an institution that specializes in situations of this type.

    Team up with a credit coach

    Who’s attentive to your needs

    Working with a credit coach can help you raise your credit score so you can re-establish your credit and get the best rates on the market, in accordance with your history. You can submit a review application within as little as 12 to 18 months after signing the contract.

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