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The team members of the Val-David Mazda Service and Parts Department will be happy to see you and take care of all your automotive needs. Our team is equally experienced in maintenance services and parts, and we’re well-known in the Laurentians for the high-quality service we provide. Come see us. It would be our pleasure to serve you!


Have your Mazda serviced regularly

Have you recently gotten a Mazda and want to keep it in tip-top condition for as long as you can? If so, it’s very important to get your vehicle serviced regularly. When you purchase your Mazda vehicle, you’ll receive a maintenance schedule, which should be carefully followed. Whether you need an oil change or need to have your brakes or any other part inspected, the automotive technicians at Val-David Mazda will make sure that everything’s in order, that your vehicle is safe and that it meets Mazda’s strict standards. With regular maintenance, you’ll ensure safe travels and a long life for your vehicle.

Service & parts - Mazda Val-David

A vast range of auto detailing services

Do you want to maintain your vehicle’s beautiful appearance for as many years as possible? Nothing could be simpler! At Val-David Mazda, we offer a full range of auto detailing services to help you keep your vehicle spotless at all times. These services include interior and exterior cleaning, protective treatments for fabric and leather, auto upholstering and anything else that may be deemed necessary to maintain the pristine appearance of your vehicle. Our technicians use the only best products on the market—as well as state-of-the-art equipment—in order to restore the youthful appearance of your vehicle.

Service & parts - Mazda Val-David

Qualified, attentive Mazda technicians

At Val-David Mazda, we employ the best Mazda technicians in the region. All of our experienced technicians are fully trained and qualified to work on your vehicle. They have the skill and know-how it takes to satisfy your needs. Our technicians are happy to help you and will always welcome you with a smile because they care about your wellbeing. Feel free to ask questions and express your concerns. They will listen and help you find a solution. Make an appointment at Val-David Mazda today for regular vehicle maintenance. You’re guaranteed the best possible service, so you can take to the road again with total peace of mind.

Service & parts - Mazda Val-David