We are in spring! This is also the time to do some checking and some changes to prepare his car for summer conditions. Here are 5 things to do on your vehicle just before the arrival of warm weather.


There is not a long time ago, to save money, many drivers were driving all year the 4-season tires. These tires are dangerous in winter, for which the government now requires that every car equipped with winter tires in winter. Warning! Winter tires are not new Four Seasons! From 8 degrees Celsius, approximately, they lose their grip. Not only they are not safe in hot weather, they also damage more quickly. Having two sets of tires is a safe measure, and in the end, more economical.


Ideally, the oil is changed from one vehicle to every 5000 km, 10 000 km if the engine runs on synthetic oil.
However, if you use very little car, it is possible that 5000 km is for you a year of use. It is still recommended to change the oil after the winter, just to maximize your car’s fuel economy for the summer.

3. Change the washer fluid

A bit like tires, washer fluid is not designed to be used in summer and winter. For example, many mixes are optimized to clean squashed insects on the windshield and keep rain, while others are optimized for cold weather and to clean calcium.
Use summer windshield washer during winter can cause serious accidents, since it will freeze on the windshield, depriving you of visibility. The winter washer fluid is not as dangerous if used off-season, but it works less well in hot weather. To replace, gradually add the summer washer in your tank from April. Unless otherwise indicated, it is possible to mix the two.

4. Check wheel alignment

Winter exacts a heavy toll on our roads. The holed, the cracks and irregularities in the pavement will quickly made misalign the wheels of your car. A poorly inlined car tires wear out faster, will waste gasoline and will be harder to keep straight.
It is therefore recommended to check the wheel alignment at time of summer tires on the car. Most garages now have high precision machines that ensure an optimal driving experience. However, be aware that to bring a car can be expensive. There is talk of a base price around $ 80. But again, you will save $ 80 this increases the service life of your tires.

5. make a good car wash

The dirt that accumulates throughout the winter on your car damages the clear coat paint your car, in addition to increasing the risk of rust.
It is recommended to do a deep cleaning of your car in the spring to minimize the risk of corrosion. If you can, do apply a wax or paint sealant on the car in order to protect against UV rays of the summer sun.

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